Risks in Shipping: A Shipload to Manage!

In a previous posting, we discussed an innovative way in which Teekay created a risk-minimizing structure in order to exploit the (expected) market recovery in the tanker market. The resulting company, Tanker Investments Ltd, is an easily understood platform for both retail and also institutional investors to embark upon as most types of risk have been taken away from any investment, leaving only market risk proper for the investors to undertake.

Since many potential investors in shipping have been spending tremendous resources in identifying, understanding, assessing and quantifying risk in shipping, we thought of a previous posting, an article we had published several years back. We thought that it still pertinent, although an update may be required.  The article was originally published in Marine Money‘s May/June issue in 2006, almost in antediluvian times, as one may be tempted to say.

Shipping Risk Management

Shipping Risk Management

Click here for  ‘Risk Management from the Shipowner’s Perspective’ article.

We think it’s worth reading again, we will be pleased hearing thoughts and comments, and also if our firm, Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co., can assist in the commercial development of business ideas by properly identifying, quantifying and pricing risks in shipping and shipping projects!

Managing risk is always crucial!

Managing risk is always crucial!

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