Alternative Ship Finance North America 2014


             Examine how to obtain and structure finance from alternative sources                                                                                                                                                                                  ALTERNATIVE SHIP FINANCE NORTH AMERICA 2014                                                5 – 6 May 2014, Downtown Conference Center, New York                                  

Deepen your understanding of alternative financing structures and sources that are available to you Attend this seminar to:

– Assess the availability of alternative finance sources in the current market

– Explore how deals have been structured through detailed case studies, including full transaction details, analysis of deal success and share price performance

– Discover what you need to do to prepare to raise alternative ship financing, including tailoring the cashflow to meet investor appetite

– Understand the financier’s lending appetite and identify opportunities for financing projects in 2014/2015

– Benefit from worked examples on how alternative finance options are sourced and structured including private equity, shipping bonds and ship leasing

Quote VIP code: FKT2722KAWL and receive a 10% discount

For more information, visit the website:


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