Cayman Islands Shipping Summit 2014

Basil Karatzas will be speaker and panelist at this year’s Cayman Islands Shipping Summit held on March 11th, 2014 at the Grand Cayman. The title of the presentation is

‘Private Equity Discovers Shipping’.

A copy of the presentation will be available after the conference directly from Mare Forum or by request through this blog; please inquire herein via email for a copy.

For this year’s agenda, please click here!


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From the Mare Forum website:

This year the conference will  specifically investigate how the Cayman Islands can take a more proactive role in this interesting, albeit volatile and exciting  maritime industry. The aim is to illuminate the advantages and achievements made by the Maritime Authority of Cayman Islands.  Despite many economic challenges, MACI has managed to prove itself an aggressive contender on an international level by revamping its legislation, provision of services, innovating technology and competitive pricing. In addition specific topics will be examined:- the Cayman Island’s unique geographical location as the crossroads to the Americas and due to its close ties to North, Central, and South America.

– how the shipowners can best utilize these close ties for their economic advantages.

– the Cayman Islands Enterprise City and the Special Economic Zone– being among others one of its kind in the world – which is intended to foster innovation and promote entrepreneurship on the islands. This is achieved through an unprecedented system of financial and legislative incentives in a tax neutral environment, making the Special Economic Zone a unique place to set up an appropriate business in a cost effective and seamless manner.

Maritime business has always looked for ways to minimize costs while reaching the farthest corners of the world, trying to provide people with food, energy, and commodities. And it is during this conference where people of various backgrounds can come together and figure out how best to use our resources at hand to not only enhance their own profits but also benefit the environment, minimize risk, and provide cheapest and safest transportation services.

 Mare Forum Logo MAR2014


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