Sourcing Capital in Shipping

It’s a well known fact that the shipping industry can be affected from many, many variables to the extent that creating business models and projections has been equated to ‘modeling the wind’. Since 2008, when the market went into a tailspin, many factors have varied and changed within wide bands. China and Chinese economic growth, shipbuilding and shipbuilding capacity, banking and shipping banks, etc to name a few.

Access to capital for a capital intense industry like shipping is tantamount to oxygen in the water to sustain marine life. Many banks – the traditional source of funding for the industry – have been leaving the sector and the few remaining would only lend on new fundamentally-changed terms; new sources of capital have been entering the industry, but it is to be seen for how long and whether such ‘new found love’ is strategic or just opportunistic.

Singapore-based with strong Asia and China focus reputable shipping publications SinoShip and Maritime CEO have recently posed the question of sourcing capital in shipping in two recent issues. We are delighted and honored to have been quoted in their articles and their search for shipping capital!

Please see these ‘investment grade’ articles herebelow:

2014, March: Where the taps flow, republished from SinoShip


2014, March: Maritime CEO – Penny for your thoughts, republished from the Maritime CEO

Maritime CEO logo_JAN2014

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