Cayman Islands Shipping Conference

Mare Forum Logo MAR2014

Mare Forum and Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. are pleased to announce that

                                              Basil M Karatzas

              will be presenting at the 3rd Cayman Islands Shipping Summit                                            held at Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands on May 5th, 2015.

Additional information about Mare Forum and the conference can be found by clicking on link herebelow. Please feel free to access the full agenda by clicking here!

Basil M Karatzas’ presentation is titled ‘Smart Investments in Shipping’, a pertinent topic given that although the shipping industry has been experiencing a severe downcycle for the last six years, many investments in shipping turned out to be ill-timed, ill-fated and …underwater.

We hope to see you at the Caymans!

Cayman Turqoise Waters_Karatzas MAR2014

May the magic and the appeal of the sea at the Caymans always be with the shipping industry! (Image credit: Karatzas Photographie Maritime)

CAYMAN_DRAFT PROGRAMME – 3rd Cayman Islands Shipping Summit 2015 (as of 24-04)

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