Current Media Mentions for Basil M. Karatzas

Blue & Red ship reflection with pale yellow cranes_LR 2We are taking pride to always be up-to-date with our business , and, if possible, a little ahead, as once a highly successful executive of a top notch company presciently said. At the shipping finance advisory and ship broking firm Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co., we measure our success not only by the number and size of the transactions we work on and successfully conclude, and the caliber of the shipowners and clients we work with, but also by the times we were honored to provide current market information, insight, opinion and counsel to maritime, finance and trade topics to highly respected publications.

A few articles of recent where Basil M. Karatzas and Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. were in the press:

Weathering the ‘sentiment storm’ in IHS Maritime Fairplay, March 2015.                         While in 2013 capital markets and institutional investors had shown strong for shipping, since late 2014, the ‘sentiment’ has turn diametrically, as Greg Miller of Fairplay explains.

Shipowners anchor themselves in debt markets, in The Financial Times, April 1st, 2015. With traditional shipping banks sailing away from the shipping industry, this capital intensive industry is looking for new sources of capital, including the public debt markets.

Ελκυστικα για τραπεζικα κεφαλαια τα πλοια μεταφορας υγραεριου, in ΝΑΥΤΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΙ (in Greek), March 31st.                                                                                                        The well-respected daily Greek business newspaper Ναυτεμπορικἠ, reports that shipping banks and capital markets show preference for gas tankers (LNG, LPG, ethane, etc) in a changing seascape for the industry. Information and data were partially based on reporting by Lloyds List and the Ethane & LPG Trading and Shipping Conference held in early March in London where Basil Karatzas was a presenter.

U.S. Crude Exports and the Tanker Market, in Tanker Operator, March 2015.                  The article, co-authored with Winston & Strawn partner Mr. Charlie Papavizas, briefly examines the requirements, viability and impact on the tanker market from potentially lifting the crude oil export ban in the US.

We are thankful for the trust placed in our firm’s expertise, knowledge and judgement in so many aspects of the shipping industry and by such well-respected publications and journalists. We are grateful indeed.

Rudder, Propeller, Red Hull_reflection LR


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2015 03MAR TO US Crude exports and the tanker market

2015 03MAR12 FAIRPLAY Weathering the ‘sentiment storm’_HL

2015 03MAR31 ΝΑΥΤΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΙ Ελκυστικα για τραπεζικα κεφαλαια τα πλοια μεταφορας υγραεριου

2015 04APR01 FT Shipowners anchor themselves in debt markets_HL

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