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We are delighted that Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. and its founder Basil M. Karatzas have been the trusted and insightful source of market knowledge and intelligence for all things maritime; with prompt and accurate access to market information, a vast network of resources and paramount access to senior executives worldwide, in the shipping and complimentary industries, the company and its founding partner have had a front row seat to today’s developments in the maritime industry.

We always thought that we have had a strong advantage over the competition and nothing gives us higher pleasure than seeing our expertise appreciated beyond a constant deal-flow and boardroom discussions with our clients, and in the pages and the trust of the international business press.

Recent media quotations for Basil M Karatzas & Karatzas Marine Advisors:

Need help to buy a ship or jet? Credit Suisse looks to lure super-rich            (Reuters, November 6th, 2017)
This Reuters article explores Credit Suisse’s unique approach to shipping whereby only the top and wealthiest names in shipping that are worth of the bank’s prestigious private wealth management service can still obtain loans for commercial ships or a yacht or a jet… Smaller shipping clients of the bank, whether performing or not with their loans, are “encouraged” to take their business elsewhere.

Investment opportunities in shipping could perhaps be the best in over 30 years’ (Splash 24/7, October 17th, 2017)
“The prospects for dry-bulk have not looked so promising in some time now,” Basil Karatzas, a Splash columnist, said. However, Basil Karatzas qualified the statement by adding that “Hopefully the improved prospects for the market will not be another excuse to kill the market in the bud.”

How protectionism sank America’s entire merchant fleet                                            (The Economist, October 5th, 2017)
This year’s hurricane season and Puerto Rico’s predicament brought to the surface the politics and economics of the Jones Act market. Without necessarily taking a position on the matter, Basil Karatzas is quoted in the ever insightful and prestigious The Economist.

Shipping may gain from Mexico grain pain                                                                    (Lloyd’s List, September 22nd, 2017)
Anti-globalization talk is not always bad for shipping; counter-intuitive, but true. Just look at Mexico’s grain imports.

Shipowners Rejoice Over Rising Demand for Commodities                                      (The Wall Street Journal, September 22nd, 2017)
2017 has been good for the dry-bulk shipping industry. Not an exceptional year and actually the threshold was too low given the abysmal market in 2016. However, on the strength of commodities trading and importation, dry-bulk vessels, especially capesize vessels, have seen the market to quintuple.

Global Shipping Trends: China Cosco Buys Orient Overseas                                      (The Diplomat, August 16th, 2017).
An interview with Dr Mercy A Kuo and the esteemed publication The Diplomat, an international affairs magazine for the Asia Pacific.

China underlines shipping ambitions with $6.3bn takeover of HK group                (Financial Times, July 9th, 2017)
Commenting in the Financial Times on state-owned Cosco acquisition of Orient Overseas International (OOIL) in Hong Kong

China’s Cosco to Buy Shipping Rival Orient Overseas for $6.3 Billion                        (The Wall Street Journal, July 9th, 2017)
Commenting in The Wall Street Journal on state-owned Cosco acquisition of Orient Overseas International (OOIL) in Hong Kong

Trying to see through the fog…even from the shore, the sea can look overwhelming… but always a charmer and a generous giver to those who dare… Cape Cod, MA, USA Image credit: Karatzas Images

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